office chairs and feng shuiIf you are like most people, you spend the bulk of your day in an office. To make it the most soothing and positive work space possible, consider redecorating to include the principles of feng shui.

Beliefs and benefits

Literally translated as “wind and water,” feng shui is the Chinese practice of arranging a space so as to synchronize with the spiritual energies that inhabit it. Many believe feng shui can direct the flow of energy in a space to promote health, happiness, passion and prosperity.

Furniture arrangement

To create an oasis of positive energy in a private office or in office cubicles, arrange the furniture so that you can see the entrance to the space from the desk. This will add an element of security, allowing you to greet positive energy and deflect negative energy. If you can’t move your desk, consider placing a mirror so that it reflects the entrance. In addition, add comfortable office chairs to welcome luck and a desk or floor lamp to provide warmth.

Special objects

Healthy plants introduce positive “qi” or energy. Add an odd number of healthy plants, particularly bamboo, and station them in corners or in front of posts or columns that might affect the flow of positive energy. A small fountain or picture of a lake, beach or waterfall positioned near the entrance can lift the spirit and increase income. You also can place shiny coins and crystal or glass balls in the corners of the cubicle or room to add positive “qi.”

Calm budget

Creating a space to inspire and warm you doesn’t have to cost a fortune. When planning the redecoration of your office in accordance with the principles of feng shui, be sure to consider the affordable priced office chairs and office cubicles available at Office Bargain Center.